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The Evelyn Champagne King Anthology is the first collection ever to feature all of Evelyns major R&B, pop and dance classics in addition to her international hits in their full album or 12" mixes. This set also includes many of the classic album tracks that ensured Evelyns RCA tenure thrived throughout her time with the label. The Evelyn Champagne King Anthology comes in a deluxe digi-pack edition with many pictures from Evelyn Kings career along with quotes from Evelyn herself and many of those who have worked alongside her during her successful career, such as producers T. Life, Kashif, Paul Lawrence, Andre Cymone and Leon Sylvers.

Track listing:

Disc: 1
1. Shame (12" Version)
2. I Don't Know If It's Right (12" Version)
3. Till I Come Off the Road
4. The Show Is Over
5. Music Box (12" Version)
6. Out There (Single Version)
7. Sweet Delight
8. Let's Get Funky Tonight (12" Version)
9. Call on Me
10. You're Kind of Loving
11. I'm in Love (12" Version)
12. Don't Hide Our Love
13. If You Want My Lovin'
14. What Are You Waiting for
15. Spirit of the Dancer (12" Version)

Disc: 2
1. Love Come Down (12" Version)
2. Betcha She Don't Love You
3. Back to Love
4. I Can't Stand It
5. Get Loose (12" Version)
6. Action (12" Version)
7. Shake Down (12" Version)
8. Teenager (Single Version)
9. Just for the Night
10. I'm So Romantic
11. Out of Control (12" Version)
12. Give Me One Reason
13. Till Midnight
14. Your Personal Touch
15. High Horse (Single Version)
16. Slow Down (Single Version)

About the Writer
David Nathan is the founder and CEO of and began his writing career in 1965; beginning in 1967, he was a regular contributor to Blues & Soul magazine in London before relocating to the U.S. in 1975 where he served as U.S. editor for the publication for several decades and began being known as 'The British Ambassador Of Soul.' From 1988 to 2004, he wrote prolifically for Billboard, has penned bios, produced and written liner notes for box sets and reissue CDs for over a thousand projects. He returned to London in 2009 where he has helped create Records as a leading reissue label.



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