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Leading Banking Professional Releases Debut Soul Single ‘Let Me Decide’
Leading Banking Professional Releases Debut Soul Single ‘Let Me Decide’

Artist: Stefano Bertozzi
Single: ‘Let Me Decide’
Album: ‘For Fun’
Release date: 27th July 2015

Leading banking professional Stefano Bertozzi pursues his lifelong hidden music passion, with debut single ‘Let Me Decide’, out on the 27th July 2015. Following a successful career in various International Organisations, where he was engaged in a number of challenges ranging from migration management to corporate governance issues, Stefano Bertozzi has chosen that now is as good a time as any to effortlessly display his life’s passion as a musician.

Born in Italy, Stefano Bertozzi’s music has a clear Italian soul influence, with honest transparency. The organic warmth of acoustic instrumentation, heartfelt lyrics and his vocal delivery further complements his intriguing story and songwriting. Stefano Bertozzi’s words explore romantic narratives embracing both romance and unrequited love dedicating many of the songs to his wife, children and father, as well as touching upon societal issues in the world.

‘Let Me Decide’ transverses his yearning passion to make his own decisions in life, “Let me decide about my life, you wrecked my heart and tossed me aside”. Interestingly when asked why now, Stefano Bertozzi humbly explains how the support from his family has pushed him to release officially. ‘I just want to keep my wife happy and give something for my kids to remember, I don’t really want to pursue a music career’

The thoroughness of Stefano's flourishing international career has clearly brushed off into his music, making an exciting story. Who knows what is next for Stefano Bertozzi and his musical journey, only time will decide.


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22 June 2015
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