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Song that has been eluding me for a quite a while....
Don't know if you can help, but this song has been eluding me for a couple of years and I'd absolutely love to find it.

I like Shazam for giving us an app that will find the names of old-school songs and the artists that performed them, but it failed me a couple of years back when I was listening to one particular song. This song was sampled in a rap song called Hey Lady by a group called Superhero Life (which is actually a good song itself.) Shazam made the error of re-directing me to the rap song instead of the song sampled at the beginning. I was wondering if anyone would happen to know what the song is? The song I'm trying to find is sampled during the first 57 seconds of the song.

You can listen to it here:

Just scroll down and click on the song title and it'll play.
Entered By: Taurus485
05 May 2016
Entered By: Taurus485
07 May 2016
Never mind, guys. Managed to find it. It is from a song called "Look at Her" by Ralfi Pagan. Thanks anyway.
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